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X - A Bachata Concept Video

Here is the last performance teams work! Hope you enjoy.

This is merely an expression of Art, filmed for fun, not in the context to make money off of any of the artist or writers involved.

*** This is a moment in life where you are out in public and you run into your ex. Where one wasn’t expecting to see them in public. The half of the ex partnership, who caused the actual split, has a moment of flooding emotions and memories they takes them out of the present moment. While the other half of the ex partnership knows they are doing better without them in their life and is in the phase where they want their ex to know what they are now missing. Enjoy ***

Song Credits:

Dura by Daddy Yankee

X by Prince Royce and Zendaya

Artistic expressions ONLY. Students learned this an we filmed it as a tribute and for fun.

Choreographer and Director - Danella Dutton

Director of Photography - Joseph Levi

Make Up - Christy Lau

Editors - Danella Dutton & Joseph Levi

Color Correction - Joseph Levi

Lead Female - Jennifer Gonzalez

Lead Male - Lawrence Keli'i Ranada

Server/Dancer - Krystle Dunwell

Friend 1/Dancer - Wendy Izquierdo

Friend 2/Dancer - Wendell Dalit

Friend 3/Dancer - Rey Santiago

Bar Patron 1/Dancer - Samantha Judilla

Bar Patron 2/Dancer - Jazmine Rampas

Dance Ensemble:

Daysha Veronica

Deanna Neil

Eduardo Seclén

Faith Wan

Hapet Hayrapetyan

Jasmin Paris

Linda Züblin

Mansour Rachid

Minor Terraza

Stanley Medina

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