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Marina Del Rey Film Festival

This weekend you can catch Danella in, The Hanging Stranger, screening in "Shorts Daily" on the Roku Channel for the Marina Del Rey Film Festival.

When a woman notices a dead body that nobody else can see hanging in the center of her small town, she must use her sharp wit and the help of unlikely allies to remain undetected by a brainwashed population. Set in 1950's Kansas, this sci-fi, thriller will challenge selective ignorance and racism both in our past, and in today's society. The Hanging Stranger is Directed by Katie Wright. Starring, Alexandra Ivey as Erica, Malcolm Jamaal Carter as Samuel, Terry Stroud as Tommy & Danella Dutton as Officer Knap.

The Hanging Stranger as been submitted to other film festivals across the nation. Keep checking back for update.

The Marina Del Rey Film Festival is running all weekend from October 9th to October 13th and you can watch the shorts for only $5.99.

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