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Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Tiffany Alvord's new music video is out. The song is Magic and Danella had the pleasure of working on the project. Not only was Danella the choreographer and co-producer she has also started working with Tiffany Alvord on artistic direction. Showing her how to do more movement in front of the camera.

This video was a fun two day shoot and a few hours of rehearsal. The director on the project was Joseph Levi.

This was also Tiffany's very first dance video. Danella said:

Tiffany is such a pleasure to work with, she wants to work hard and do the movements over and over. For such a short period of time to learn this choreography she did such and amazing job.

Danella also stated she cannot wait to work with her again more in the future. Make sure to take a look at the video.

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