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'Reflection' Screening Party - MAY 24th, 2017

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

So tomorrow night is our friends and family screening party for Zoey Moses and I's first production together. The Concept short film is titled 'Reflection'. This project started out as a performance group and took on a whole new light in pre-production.

The story follows Sky (Zoey Moses), a young woman, in her life in what seems to be a happy one. The film then takes a turn expressing we never know what people are going through no matter what they look like on the outside.

During the journey the boyfriend, Daniel (Zach Defualt), has a clear love for Sky and she cannot accept herself in her own skin. This is a coming of age story for all.

The dance sequence also has the Salsa Performance Team in it. Including, Rey Santiago, Tre Ford, Jonathan Liem, Lawrence Keli'l Rhanda, Wendell Dalit, Wendy Izquierdro , Sam Judilla, Jasmin Paris, Daysha Veronica, Krystle Dunwell, Anais Raices, Christy Lau and Danella Dutton

The piece is Choreographed by Danella Dutton. Assisted by: Ashley Thweatt and Christy Lau.

Produced by: Danella Dutton and Zoey Moses (A DZ LIFE Production Debut)

Directed by: Danella Dutton and Zoey Moses


The Screening takes place at a fun venue, Wednesday MAY 24th at 8PM.


We will be on a patio! Come enjoy the weather, drinks, food and dancing.


It's like a mini arcade.


Reflection Screening Flyer


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