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Danella Dutton's Salsa City

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Danella's most recent short film and student performance team is complete! Support by watching the link below. Read more on the process she put into creating the film.

This short films was written, directed produced and choreographed by Danella Dutton. It is a story of a man caught between life and death, we are taken into a world inside his head, a world full of imagination, crime fighting, sexiness and women. Can life draw him back in or does he want stay in Salsa City forever?




Every year, with a group of my students, I create a short concept video (for training purposes, creative and artist fun). After the 2017 group (Reflection) wrapped up, I really started to brain storm on how to be able to blend the lines of telling a story through dance like a film, but without dialog. So about a year after sitting with this concept and idea finally struck.

She started with music. The idea is that the song in Salsa City is a character, since their is no dialogue, I wanted the song to be in introduction to a character or set the feeling for the scene. I took my time, grouping together songs I felt had a James Bond or Cinematic Feel. From listening to songs over and over I started to develop pieces of the full concept. I tend to create from music and it drives a whole story line for me. This time the Song was needing to drive a scene and a character. So after a few song choices were solidified, I started writing the script along side the feel of the camera and choreography movements.

Inspirations: Marvel Comics, Frank Miller's Sin City & Tarantino

Synopsis: A story told though dance and music. A normal, mundane man, Quint, is having a heart attack. While the Doctor and Nurses try to save his life we are drawn into a world he has created where he is a hero. Drawn to sex and crime fighting we see him on the hunt for information. Our Villain, Calvin, puts a kink in his case, a woman, Carmela, he has used for information gets kidnapped. While saving the girl, he must also save himself and wake up. Take this hero's journey into Sin City.


Tre Ford as Quint

Jade Shi as Carmela

Wendy Izquierdo as The Shadow

Krystle Dunwell as The Vixen

Rey Santiago as Calvin

Chris Vij as Henchman 1

Jen Gonzalez as Nurse 1

Jenny Kim as Bartender

Danella Dutton as Henchman 2

Natalie Davis as Henchman 3


Christy Lau, Wendell Dalit, Tyler Parks, Austin Rising, Samantha Judilla, Lawrence Browning, Elisabeth Raff, Kameni Nhagdeli, Jasmin Paris, Stanley Medina, Kristin Howard, & Sherman Li


Executive Producer Danella Dutton

Associate Producers Minor Terraza & Josephe Levi

Concept & Story Danella Dutton

Director Danella Dutton

Cinematographer Joseph Levi

Choreographer Danella Dutton

Score Chromosomes

Visual Effects Artist Jordan Service

Fight Coordinator Danella Dutton

Edited by Joseph Levi

MUA Wendy Izquierdo, Christy Lau & Jade Shi

Consultant Anthony Falleroni

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