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Celebrity Dance Challenge, 1st Annual Event

In 2009, in Atlanta, Danella was asked to join with Dance 101 and EDIN (Eating Disorders Information Network) Foundation to be apart of a fundraising show.  The show was called Celebrity Dance Challenge.  It was based around Dancing with the Stars.  A group of dancers teamed up with local Atlanta Celebrities such as CNN's Anderson Cooper, Fox 5 host Suchita Vadlamani and restaurant group owner and chef, Riccardo Ullio.  Riccardo Ullio was picked as Danella's dance partner and they had to perform the Tango.  In the video, you can see how some of their rehearsals went.  Here's what Danella had to say on the project/fundraiser:

It was so much fun and such a pleasure to be apart of this show.  Riccardo was an amazing partner and so eager to learn.  We were limited on rehearsal because he leads a very busy life, being in charge of 3 plus restaurants, but the end results were awesome. I got to teach him something he had never done before and we also got to help raise money for a cause that hits close to home for me.  I had an aunt who struggled with an eating disorder for a while so it was good to know our small part was contributing for awareness and out reach to all ages.   The whole cast was amazing some talented dancers where involved and not only our dance, but everyone's turned out a success.  

The show went on at the 14th Street Playhouse in Atlanta, and continues every year now.  To donate or be a part of the next Celebrity Dance Challenge check out their website.





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